On the Outside

by Jeff Rauschl

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On the Outside is a compilation of original songs written and produced in 2013. All songs are by Jeff Rauschl with collaborators as noted.


released November 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Jeff Rauschl Miami, Florida

I am a singer/songwriter with a catalog of well over 100 songs. I have been writing steadily for over 5 years

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Track Name: Boom Boom Boom (feat. Alex D.)
(boom boom boom would you look at that)

I gotta tell you all about this love of I
Yeah she's so hot she makes the devil fry
and her sweet love set the angels high I know
All the boys try to catch her eye
but no one speaks as she goes by
They hate to say good bye
but love to watch her go

(boom boom boom talking cardiac)

Yeah I'd sell my soul just to make her mine
but my knees get weak my tongue get's tied
I try to say hello but I just watch her go
When I'm all alone in my bed at night
She's all I see when I close my eyes
I touch her lips, caress her thighs and grab her

(boom boom boom would you look at that)
(boom boom boom talking cardiac)
(Boom boom boom she's a heart attack I know)

Well every thing work out as time go by
Yeah she my lover I'm her guy
and everything is right riht I and I
When we go out she's so lady like
she's the proper girl, she's the perfect wife
but when we get home I gotta hold on tight to that boom boom boom
Track Name: Hipster Girl
©2013 jeff rauschl
She said, "You should hear this song like it's played on Vinyl"
(hear this song ohhhh) (ohhhhhh hash-tag vinyl)
"I got an Ap on my phone so you can hear it like that, it's all the rage"
(ohhh free download) (ohhhhhhh trending viral)
Then she, smugly took a drink from her Grande Mocha Latte'
(smugly took a sip) (ohhhhhhh Mocha Latte, half caf, five pump.. White mocha, )
And posted what she said, as great wisdom,on her facebook page.
(ohhh words of wisdom ohh on her facebook page)

I said, "Babe don't you know I grew up in the days of vinyl
(babe don't you know ..........in the age of vinyl ,eight track, cassette tape)
I had that album when it was brand new and all the rage
(album when it was new you know and all the rage back in the eighties)
This May-December Romance has me feeling older and all alone"
(May-December romance has me feeling out of touch but she didn't)
but she didn't hear what I was saying she was busy wrapped up on her smart phone
hear me, she was busy on her smart phone so stupid
(so stupid......)

Hipster girl I hope you're happy in your web of isolation
(hipster girl hipster girl hipster girl)
I hope you find what you need with your thumbs up counter validation
(hipster girl hipster girl oh oh...)
I hope you feel blessed
by all your friend requests but
I think you should know.
I always loved you best
but now I gotta go
I always love you though

She said "wait I just got a hashtag blast that sounds important
(got a hashtag blast it sounds important)
It says there's a Flash-mob Retro Eighties Band Playing 'round the corner
(flash mob eighties retro band round the corner)
I know how much you like that kind of stuff, I think, I think we should go"
(you like that kind of thing .......................so let's go)
And Hipster Girl looked up from her phone she was all alone
(she was all alone........................ )

Hipster girl felt so lost in this real life situation
(hipster girl hipster girl hipster girl)
Where's the Break up text, Where's the Dear john email Explanation
(hipster girl hipster girl oh oh...)
She'll have to blog about this,
and tweet and post but first
she'll have to change her status
on her Facebook page
ohhhh Hipster Girl

(hipster girl..hipster girl....hipster girl..........)
Track Name: Zombie Paradise (feat. Donovan Tucker BMI)
We're getting kind of short on brains around here
Just Watch the news and it's abundantly clear
so Take a chance, forget your fears
Take my hand we'll disappear
Let's Run

Cause there's a place where special people like us
Can live forever share a different kind of love
far from spears of prejudice
from those who say we're monstrous
Let's Run

Let's go to Zombie Paradise
Where the party never ends
it's always night
Where the skies are always grey
Like the matter that we crave
Down here in Zombie Paradise

I must admit i fell in love on our first date
I held your hand i felt the blood pulse in your veins
I kissed your lips, kissed your face
kissed your brain, what a taste
I was in love

And there a place for special ones like you and I
Can share forever in this new kind of un-life
Far form torches burning hate
from those who scream that we are plagued
Let's run
We got to get there
where a Zombie can be free
I'll put a bottle in front of you
we'll share a frontal lobotomy

We'll zombie shuffle side by side
hunting prey
We won't grow old together
but together we'll decay


Track Name: On The Outside
There's plenty moon to light the sky now
Just one or two clouds drift on by
Comfort rolls in with the tide now
It all seems well on the outside

And I've had more than just a few now
I should be feeling plenty high
but I feel small beneath the stars now
Still all is best on the outside

It's plenty lonely on the inside
Only echos of a life you left behind
Too many memories
I try to run
and hide it all from the outside

Been plenty days and plenty nights now
since you went drifting from my sky
And all my friends say I look fine now
that's what they see on the outside

I'm plenty good with my disguise now
this masquerade of my design
I hide it all from the outside now
ignore that welling in my eyes

Track Name: Stranded (feat. Terry Adams)
©2013 jeff rauschl

I Can't believe you left me stranded again
makes me wonder why I even call you a friend
and I'm stranded down here on this avenue
should have know much better than to count on you

but I'm stranded
oh stranded
well I'm stranded oh

Called your cell phone
I heard that voice mail sound
called your mama's house
she said that you're not around
can't understand it
I thought that you were a friend
but I'll be damned if
I ever trust you again

but now I'm stranded underneath this Woolworth s sign
and I'm feeling just as empty as that old five and dime
and I'm stranded without a cigarette
I feel abandoned just like an unloved pet

and I'm stranded
oh stranded oh


Remember all those times when I picked you up
called in sick for you when you were drunk off your butt
I should have realized when I was your alibi
soon enough I'd pay for one of your lies

and be stranded, oh stranded

Can't believe you left me stranded again
makes me wonder why I even call you a friend
and I'm stranded down here on this avenue
I should have know much better than to count on you

'cause I'm stranded oh
I feel abandoned oh
and I'm stranded
Track Name: Boy Band Blues
Boy Band Blues
jeff rauschl ©2013

My baby's gone bye bye bye bye
Listen up I'll tell you why why why

Started out my senior year
I was the New Kid on the Block
and the day that we moved in
was the day I heard her knock
I felt a Big Time Rush
cause there she stood like sweet confection
and I new more than a crush
she would be my One Direction

After that we were N'sync
every moment was a joy
She was my front porch swing
I was her Back Street Boy
Took her out to see the show
to show her off so all could see
they were the honest band around
but all her love belonged to me

But when the lights went down
and when the band came out
I heard her scream and shout
I saw he cry and shake
and rush the stage
and I knew right away (that)

My baby loves that boy band better
and I'll never get her back, yeah
she's gone gone forever
My baby loves that boy band better
and she's gone gone gone
and we'll never be together

I must confess I was distressed
even felt a little rage
as I watched her lift her dress
throw her panties on the stage
then some hippy roadie mess
took her hand took her away
and I knew we were through (cause)
(chorus) x 2

I played the bad boy type
I even got a skull tattoo
to catch her eye
Dyed my hair bleach blond
made my eyes the deepest blue
she never knew
I even dressed in black,
to get her back
like damaged goods
like the mysterious guy
with that sullen brood (but)

(chorus) x2
(chorus final)
My baby loves that boy band better
and he better stay away
if his hair looks like Bieber
Even if he looks a little gay
well it really doesn't matter cause
My baby loves that boy band better

go figure
Track Name: Tourist Tarp Town (feat. Russbuss415)
Natty Ice 16 oz in a brown bag cozy
Drink it down on the sly
avoid the beach cop notice
see the sun sinking slowly
feel the breeze off the ocean
chill my bones

I'm playing six string sonnets
with my soft case open
catch a coin or a bill
if they pause for a moment
on their way from their
beach bungalows
All decked out
in their holiday clothes
On the way to the buffet
or a cafe
in this Tourist Trap Town

I've been spinning my wheels here in the sand
till I'm almost out of breath
And I swear every year that this year
will surely be my last
I'll break away, escape this crap
but every season i always come back
to chase the cheese through the maze
like a rat, in this tourist trap town

As the crowd starts to thin I close my case
mount my cycle
fixed gear beach cruiser
got my tips in my pocket
Cross the bridge to the village
where the locals live
the low rent zone

I stop off for a beer at the Bill-aBong Tavern
Out of reach of the beach
]where the tourists never wander
where the dish washers, maids, minimum wage
day laborers gather round
to ponder their escape
talk about the day
when they'll finally get away
from this tourist trap town.

I've been spinning my wheels here in the sand
till I'm almost out of breath
And I swear every year that this year
will surely be my last
I'll break away, escape this crap
but every season i always come back
to chase the cheese through the maze
like a rat, in this tourist trap town

There's a price for paradise
that you might not ever see
This life is hard for the ones who sacrifice
to cater to your needs
Don't get me wrong you know we need you here
We count on your blessings each year
Just be kind respect your waitress
car porters and building engineers
Don't forget maid service, concierge's
and the ones who serve you beer
Life guards
Beach cops
bell hops
all the clerks in the shops
and cashiers
We'll see you next year.
Track Name: Seventeen Ghosts
Seventeen ghosts
haunt my house on this lonely street
Seventeen ghosts you'd just never believe
seventeen ghosts roam these halls when I go to sleep
Seventeen ghosts and they're here just for me

17 ghosts
there's one named Bob from the civil war
17 ghosts
there's a girl barely four
17 ghosts
a poltergeist that keeps slamming doors
17 ghosts one drags chains 'cross my floor

A toy clown in a chair seems to laugh so incessantly
something kicks my bed while it tugs on my sheets
Hear a scream from my closet
shrill intense so blood curdling
A ghost in my toilet
I can hear it go pee

There's two ghosts in my kitchen
Haunting all my appliances
One making toast while another makes tea
there's a ghost in my air ducts
messing up my air conditioning
a ghost from Miami records Spanish TV

I heard ghost call my name
another ghost tried to tickle me
a ghost in my toothbrush
tried to whiten my teeth
Is that a ghost on my phone
I won't buy what it's selling me
17 ghosts where is my sanity

The seventeenth ghosts is what I lost
it's your memory
the seventeenth ghost
in my heart endlessly
seventeen ghosts but only one scares me
can't you see
seventeen ghosts I can never break free

seventeen ghosts oh ho
seventeen ghosts
seventeen ghosts and you're still haunting me.

forget all those other sixteen ghosts
there's only one that ever scares me
it's you
you're the seventeenth ghost
Track Name: Old Tattered Backpack
©jeff rauschl 2012
I got an old tattered backpack
and a new pair of sneakers
and I'm gonna hit the highway
for the sun comes up
'cause I gotta try and find you
'cause I got something for you
in this old tattered backpack don't you know.

Well I got no appointments
and i got no prospects
and they said leave the building
'for the sun comes up
so I'm gonna try and find you
'cause I got something for you
it's a real humdinger don't you know

Well i thought that we were lovers
thought we'd always be together
thought that 'ner would anyone come in between
guess you took me for a sucker
and you ran off with my brother so it seems

so I loaded up my backpack
and I slipped on my sneakers
and I'm headed out tomorrow
when the sun comes up
'cause I gotta try and find you
'cause I got something for you
in that old tattered backpack don't you know

Now everyone says "just forget her"
and "we thought we knew you better"
but lately they say
I'm acting kind of mean
Now they all keep their distance
from this man on a mission
but soon they'll see another side of me

I got a black market taser
and a new roll of duct tape
and I'm gonna go a huntin'
when the sun comes up
and you know I'm gonna find you
cause I packed it all so special
in that old tattered backpack don't you know.
And once again we will be lovers
and we'll always be together
never more will anyone dare come between
No one will 'er discover
what became of little brother
can't you see
I got an old logger's cabin
and a new set of ID's
and we'll ride off together
when the sun comes up...